Miss Alice Silk london uk cross-dresser sissy front room parlour

Dear Alice,
You suggested i might ponder a few days before touching base. Perhaps my thoughts will evolve but for now here are a few.
I thought it was a fantastic experience . You are a very thoughtful dom and i felt a good connection. The session was thoroughly enjoyable and a great release of pent up energy and desires. With hindsight i appreciate perhaps i dove in the deep end with someone i was only meeting the first time in trying sounds but it was exhilarating.  
... a controlling but caring place and it is my duty to suffer for you. That turns me on.... by the way the marks look good and are a nice reminder. 
I won't look back and say gosh how did i miss finding you the past years you were not far away rather look ahead to future fun together....
 It was nice to meet you and thanks again. I look forward to coming back.

ps You come across as someone who looks after yourself your flat speaks to an an organised, clean and careful person albeit with a "dark and daring side" . All nice traits to me. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

That was a wonderful and memorable session in which you were kind and understanding enough to go along with my suggestions, but also imaginative and creative. An itch was well and truly scratched.



Dear Miss Alice Silk


At my first training session, you generously spared my "fat bottom" the punishment I deserved for my abysmal efforts at dusting and curtsying. Perhaps the bruise on my thigh motivated you to devote your disciplinary attentions to my tender nipples, my "little boy's willy" and my "pathetic single ball". Now, however, the bruise has gone and trainee Maids who incur your displeasure regularly end up with a sore bottom, to match the sore nipples and genitals you inflict to prevent them feeling too comfortable in their uniforms. 

Will you subject me to a thorough Examination (next time around)? Apply Pinwheels and Forceps to remind you where I'm most sensitive and guide you in placing Clamps and Pegs to "concentrate my mind" on my duties.
Will you bind me over the Whipping Bench to compensate for your forbearance last month? Pull my knickers down for a dose of the Paddle? The Strap? "Six of the best" with the Cane? The stinging Flogger? All of the above? Will you forbid me to squirm or squeal? Tweak my tender nipples and probe between my parted thighs to prick my dangling ball with your Pinwheel if I disobey you?

And will you shackle me with my legs spread under your Queening Stool? Sit on my face (with your latex and frillie knickers on) and make me play with my sore willy? Apply cruel Pinwheels and Forceps once more  to remind me of my lowly position - beneath the superb buttocks of my mentor in the delights of servitude to the Superior Sex?

You've summoned me back to resume my training. My panties feel damp as I contemplate your warning - "Be afraid. Be very afraid".


Dear Alice,

I hope you are well. I've allowed a few days to pass before getting back to you with my thoughts. It was an intense session . Exhilarating, liberating and draining too... Shaving and the sensations it produced was something unexpected in a nice way... I feel safe and secure under your control.
I'll keep in touch over the summer... Is that something we could work with, a task.....Take care and thanks again for your energy! I hope you had fun too. 


Dear Alice,
Hope you are having a nice weekend.
I very much enjoyed last time and am happy to incorporate elements of that slutty sissy role...  You have such a wonderful collection of implements to use i am sure we can find plenty of fun, strap on training or oral servitude, gags, chains... I also like the idea of pleasing you... i am sure the ideas will flow.... forced feminisation appeals as an idea along with service oriented submission.
(Does your) your maid ever comes in to observe sluts in session? If it is a female maid that appeals but of course is at your and their discretion. 
In a very different direction i see you offer massage sessions. I have done lots of tantra massage... Can you incorporate that into a sissy /feminine role play?... Hope that gives you some food for thought.


A sordid encounter below of what happens to a sissy maid, me, in nervous anticipation, as my hormone levels rose again in the presence of Miss Alice Silk;  

"Boys who wear frilly knickers are sent to Miss Alice Silk for sissy maid training. But first, they must undergo an exacting "Induction".
First, there is the 'Inspection'. You must keep still as Mistress probes your sensitive regions to check your hygiene standards, seek evidence of illicit masturbation, and subject your tiny willy and sad single ball to mocking scrutiny.
If you flinch or wet your knickers, retribution is swift - bound to the Bondage Bench for your first taste of Electric Training Aids.
Then secondly, 'Punishment'. Strapped down over the Whipping Bench with your knickers down to assess your pain thresholds you must thank the Mistress for each stroke. If you gasp or wriggle your nipples and genitals are exposed and vulnerable, at the mercy of the Mistress's fiendish 'toys'.
And finally, 'Submission'. Spread-eagled beneath Miss Alice Silk's superb buttocks as she sits on your face, she may grant you the privilege of draining your little willy as her Electrics galvanise your pathetic efforts. You must learn, the hard way if necessary, to associate pleasure with humiliation and punishment."


Hello Miss Alice Silk,

I am glad to hear that you are Both Safe and Well, 

As you well know there are Idiots Everywhere that Spite the Law and Safety, maybe they should Bring the Birch Back like the Isle Of Man. I am sure that You would Gladly Wield that Frightening Apparatus to any Deserving Delinquents Bare Bottom with much Ferocity that They would Never go outside the Law Again.

I have been Absorbing your New Website with Great Interest as I am not getting any Younger and have brought Some of My Frilly Delights over to Europe with Me. 

It is Gratifying that I can Slowly go through the Website and thus while doing so Imagine Being in that Lovely Boudoir With All Those Frills and Satins Around.

Am Dreaming that I am Lying on the massage table with Miss Alice Silk Caressing Naughty JJ.
As You Slowly Pull My Frilly Plastic Panties down to reveal My Naughty Self.

Then while I am Browsing through the Articles here on Miss Alice Silk, which Are Really Realistic, I end up Being Very Naughty and Milking XXXXX and Doing XXXXX All Over A Pair Of Very Frilly Pink Panties.

Then After She/he has Recovered From the Ecstasy the next Step is the Hand Washing of the Frilly Panties.

Then Watching them Dry with the Others on the Balcony, Dreaming of the Next Time this Scenario will Happen in Real Life and in the Real Boudoir With My Real Life Miss Alice Silk at the Helm.

What other Naughty Things to be done to Naughty JJ ???

Take Care and Stay Safe

Best Regards
Naughty JJ

(Edited by your's truly :))


"...  A sincere thank you for yesterday. You were wonderful and I really 
appreciate the care you take to make sure the experience matches the 
story. Thank you for your patience and wonderful good humour. I 
needed to go on a journey and you took me there.
Hope to see you soon.
With great regards
A" - February 2020


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