M A S S A G E   B E N E F I T S

Psychological - Promotes feelings of calm and well being. If feels physically releasing which has a positive knock-on effect on the mind and emotions and can counter the stress response.

Neurological - Can decrease pain response and trigger release of endorphins.

Circulation - Manually assists the venous return, can improve peripheral and superficial circulation, like exercising without going to the gym :)

Digestion & Elimination - Abdominal massage can improve digestive efficiency and thereby accelerate the removal of waste material. It switches ‘on’ the para-sympathetic nervous system.

Muscles - Fantastic for muscles pain. Helps with stiffness, aches, tension, tightness, removal of lactic acid (after a workout!), muscle tone and recovery following over-use and injury. It lengthens, relaxes and mobilises the muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage - Can accelerate the removal of waste products and toxins and improve immune functioning.

Blood pressure - Can lower blood pressure and reduce cardiac output and assist with efficient blood flow.

Skin - Can assist with removal of dead skin calls thus helping the eliminatory functions of the skin generally to body tissues and organs.

And last but not least, massage incorporating Lingam, Prostate and Anal massage, a focusing on the genital and anal regions of your body, is excellent for erectile dysfunction and training in eliminating premature ejaculation.