Temperature reading...

When visitors arrive it's straight into the bathroom for an invigorating power shower. Then with a towel wrapped around your waist we are going to have our pre-session chat in my cosy front room parlour. Whilst doing this you will have a thermometrer placed under your armpit for the first 5 minutes... I got this idea from my elderly maid who told me she was not able to enter Age UK to engage in community activities unless she had her temperature taken.

Back Sessioning again.

I will be back offering sessions from Monday 18th May 2020. 

The UK government is encouraing us all to ease out of lockdown and take sensible precautions to help our chances of not catching the corona virus. If we don't get back to work, we will end up in a dire recession. Bills need to be paid, life has to go on. The NHS is at 40% capacity now. Time to move on and accept our fate.



Miss Alice Silk london uk cross-dresser sissy front room parlour

New Latex mask just purchased... Covers up all those "man bits", like facial hair. Redundant at my sissy and crossdresser front room parlour!


M A S S A G E   B E N E F I T S

Psychological - Promotes feelings of calm and well being. If feels physically releasing which has a positive knock-on effect on the mind and emotions and can counter the stress response.